Swimmers with a Disability

The Murray Rose Malabar Magic Ocean Swim welcomes swimmers with a disability. You choose whether you wish to identify as a person with a disability when your register. 

What to expect when you get to Malabar Magic.

Allocated parking for people with a disability.

Beech Wheelchairs will be available for those who need one to cross the beach to the water’s edge.

A beach mat from the park to the water's edge to ease movement across the sand.

Participating in the Swim

Swimmers will be advised of start times closer to the event day. The swim is due to start from 8am with the 5km, followed by the 2.5km and then the 1km swims.

You can join your wave either from the beach or from the water.

Companion Swimmers will be available.

Getting There

Please email info@malabarmagicoceanswim.com.au if you would like more information.